The Maxell heritage began with batteries with the first production of the dry cell battery in the 1960's. Since then the brand has gained a reputation for quality and reliability.

Maxell leads the way with ''greener'' batteries with 0% mercury and 0% cadmium consumer batteries, which are better for the environment we live in. So, whetheryou need an everyday battery for a remote control or a specialist battery for your watch, you can count on Maxell.

Maxell Micro Lithium Battery CR2032

Maxell Micro Lithium Battery CR2025

Maxell Micro Lithium Battery CR2016

Maxell Heavy Duty R20

Maxell Alkaline D LR20

Maxell Alkaline C LR14

Maxell Alkaline AAA LR03

Maxell Alkaline AA LR06

Maxell 9V Alkaline 6LR61 (GD) 1B CX DB


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