As One

AS ONE specializes on all scientific and medical industries. We aim to be a company that contributes to a better society by providing products, services and information that allow our customers to undertake and achieve their goals.

  1. Laboratory Equipment
  2. Measuring Equipment
  3. Laboratory Furniture
  4. Life Science and Analysis
  5. Bottles and Containers
  6. Laboratory Related Tools and Fixtures
  7. Cleaning and Sterilization
  8. Safety Protection Supplies
  9. Clean Environment Equipment

High Pressure Jack

Aspirator Vacuum Gauge

Ultra Stirrer 250 - 2500rpm

Economy Stirrer 1500rpm

Constant Level

Lacom-Ace Acrylic Water Tank 18L

Water Bath

Embour 20 (500 Pcs)

Vacuum Polyca Desiccator 19L with Hook

Stainless Steel Desiccator Type

pH Meter (Rack Top)

Battery-Powered Flow Meter


Medical Record Wagon With Writing Board 352 x 603 x 980mm

N95 Mask (Spatial Structure) Standard 20 Pieces

Shelf for Even Shelf 758 x 460mm 1 Sheet

Crystal Ice Ball 28 Pcs

Articulated Base for Unit Storage for N-515G, D

ALTIA Tray Basket Partition Plate Length: 300mm Height: 150mm AHT/HAB

ALTIA Standard Polycarbonate Tray Clear Pink 400 x 85 x 600

ALTIA Tall Lower Drawer Unit 700 x 1810 x 450

ALTIA Tall Tray Unit 450 x 700 x 1810mm

ALTIA Cart IV 820 x 580 x 1120

Disposable Apron PE 50 Pcs

Instrument Table (Layered Storage Type) 650 x 500 x 846mm

Separating Collection Container Caster Foot

UV Locker for 1 Person

NAVIGUARD Apron White 50 Pieces

Sterilization Line Disinfection Cabinet 427 x 246 x 372mm

Navifit Glove PE Inner Emboss Processing 100 Pcs

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