has innovated within the production of films for industrial process analysis. Within industrial analysis, it is common for certain processes to be complicated to evaluate and / or to require complicated, bulky or expensive equipment. FUJIFILM innovates in three types of industrial analysis, greatly facilitating process evaluation tasks through its industrial analysis films.
The 3 innovation areas for FUJIFILM industrial analysis films are:

- Contact surfaces and / or pressure analysis: The PRESCALE line of pressure analysis film greatly facilitates the evaluation of the state of multiple types of processes where 2 surfaces make contact with each other, being able to quickly evaluate pressure variations, variations of alignment, possible leakage in seals, wear or fractures in molds, mechanical analysis in biomedical, multiple types of scientific analysis, etc.

- Contact surfaces temperature analysis: The THERMOSCALE line of temperature analysis film allows to evaluate the distribution of heat from specific positions to complete surfaces, visualizing variations in density and color.

- Ultraviolet lighting distribution analysis: The UVSCALE line of ultraviolet lighting analysis film allows to evaluate the ultraviolet light saturation of a surface allowing to detect flaws in UV equipment such as sterilizers, developers or other UV equipment as well as measurement of security levels and / or UV leakage, among other applications.

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