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Fujifilm Measurement Film Distributor

Takeiki is proud to become Fujifilm measurement film distributor for both Singapore and Malaysia. The film comprises:-

1. Prescale to pressure distribution.

2. Thermoscale film to measure the heat distribution.

3. UVscale to measure the light distribution by its density.

Please contact us for samples and discussion on your application. This is definately a fast and relatively cheap way to emasure your processes to ensure is within parameters before affecting the quality which might lead to rejects or product recall due to e.g. like leak pouches, improper sealing, uneven wafer surface due to poor polishing, etc.

Mountz Robotic Screwdriver Systems

Prevent Fastening Errors and Improve Productivity with Robotic Screwdriver Systems


Automate repetitive fastening tasks and streamline your assembly workflow with a smart robotic screwdriver system. High-performance automation fastening systems allow automation engineers to optimize the manufacturing area, reduce labor costs and increase productivity.


Robotic screwdriver systems can be programmed to assemble, process, monitor, and prevent fastening errors for most applications. Our AD-Series driver is compatible with industrial co-bots and can be used to implement multiple fastening strategies for sensitive or complex assembly joints. Increase productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools, saving time, maintenance cost, space & training.


Request a consultation with one of our representatives today to learn how to implement a robotic fastening system into your fastening process.

Key Benefits of Automated Screwdrivers

  • Quick and efficient operation
  • Reduce or replace manual processes
  • Reduce the risk of manufacturing errors 
  • Maximize production capacity 
  • Lower production lead times

Safety Glass Promotion

Takeik offers Promoition for Safety Glass Promotion:
Brand: Kimberly Clark
Model: V30 and V40
Price: RM10 to RM15 ea pair

Pilz Supplier

Pilz Supplier
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Takeiki is Pilz Malaysia reseller. We buy from Pilz directly and able to offers competitive pricing to all customers, whether you are end-users, System Integrators, etc. We are in the process to keep stocks in Takeiki Johor. Please contact us if you hare any replacement or projects. We can offer Technical support and advice, with Pilz if needed.

Pilz specializes in safety products. Do visit


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Takeiki is the official Finisar transceiver distributor. We have stocks to support our customers, Please contact us for quote.


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Takeiki is a dynamic and fast growing company.

We distribute Industrial Automation Products; provide Engineering & Procurement solutions to factories in Electronics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Food and other industries that require automated manufacturing.

We specialize in supporting the Maintenance, repair and Operating supplies (MRO) to any company who requires MRO. We help customers to reduces the amount of time facing suppliers. Takeiki has established the partnership and also secured a competitive pricing for a wide range of products. For more information, please see the Mega Supplier Service.

Our Mission
  • To be the customers' Preferred Supplier of WORLD-CLASS Industrial Automation Products & Engineering Services to factories.
  • Dedicated to exceed our customers' expectation through our understanding of their business needs and operation.
  • Offers cost reduction programs via vigorous world wide sourcing and intelligent part locating system.
  • Strive to surpass our customers' expectations through quality services, on time delivery & reliability.
  • Pledge to deliver the best quality product at the most cost effective prices.
Feel free to contact us now for any enquires or suggestions.

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