montratec helps you master complex internal transport operations and assembly processes smarter, faster and more efficiently. Our modular montrac® monorail system allows you to interlink production processes between robots and workspaces more flexibly than ever before. We call it ''process sequencing''. This enables you to boost the automation of complete production lines – from a lot size of one right through to high-volume production.

Leading medical institutions and industrial companies in the automotive, plastics, consumer goods, optics, food, medical and pharmaceutical industries use montrac® to maximise their material throughput and minimise cycle times.

montratec consequently contributes decisively to helping you take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. With smart solutions for Intralogistics 4.0.

Peripherals 2 products
Rail System 11 products
Shuttle 3 products
TracControl 3 products
Tracset 1 products

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